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If I pay off the OC, will the CA be able to validate


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I have a medical collection on my CR, it is a fairly new collection, it just popped up on my CR within the last month or two.

Also the same CA has another collection with the same OC that is not showing up on my CR.

I am planning on paying the OC in full. And my question is: If I pay off the OC, will the CA have to remove their listing on my CR?

And how should I get them to remove it, should I DV them or should I just demand them to delete it cause I don't owe them anything.

Another thing I was thinking I could do.

Once it is paid off with the OC, I could dispute the CA via each of the 3 CRA's.

If it comes back as "verified" from all 3 would I then be able to sue them for violating the FCRA for reporting the false information in my CR.

Also for violating the FDCPA by trying to collect on a debt by listing false information in my credit report.

What do you guys think, I could use some guidance.

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If you pay the OC in full, ask them to pull the account from the CA. Try to get it in writing because people have a way of forgetting what they verbally told you.

When I paid my bill I was told they would pull it from the CA but they didn't and the CA reported it as paid. It took me 6 mos of letter writing and an ITS to get them to remove it.

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