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Zwicker & Associated Settling Debt

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I have been working to settle an American Express debt with Zwicker & Associates, having 1 pmt left. The amount that is being settled isn't saving me that much & I've now decided I would rather pay the balance in full instead of having to pay taxes on the remaining amount. However, I can't pay the full balance this month - I would like to change my pmt amounts & finish paying in full by March 2008. American Express will not talk with me about this account, and I know Zwicker has sent my pmts as my balance is correct. My question is when I call to change my mind about the settlement, I know the gentlemen handling my account is going to be a jerk, as always. He always references accounts being sued, well on my 12000 balance, we only have 4000 left to pay. They are not licensed in ND as it's not listed as a state on their letter. Can he be telling me this. Also, if I'm paying something every month til March, with 4000 left to be fully paid, should I be worried about being sued- I understand if I wasn't paying, but I've sent 2000 the last 3 months, along with mthly pmts since March when the account went there. Thanks for any info. I hope I posted this in the correct area.

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