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Identity fraud

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Here's an interresting scenario.

Lets say a third party salesperson forges your signature on a document that obligates you to a lease. You are actually renting something but believe it is a terminable month-to-month deal. That salesperson does not work for the leasing company directly, but is himself a self-employed vendor who got a commission from the leasing company. You discover the fraud when the company that holds the "lease" tries to collect on a lease balance you knew nothing about.

Is that identity theft? Keep in mind the salesperson did not use your identity to open any accounts in his own control like is common with a credit card fraud case and the leasing company claims to have no control over the independant vendors selling their product.

Can you file a police report for identity theft to stop the leasing company from collecting and reporting to the bureaus (FACT Act)?

What do you guys think?

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In my opinion, as long as he forged your signature for a financial gain (commission) and because he had access to all your personal and financial info, it qualifies as identity theft, and you should be able to shield yourself from any consequences (collections) arising from that particular fraud committed against you by filing a police report.

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