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Hello Continental finance, good bye continental finance..

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Not sure what I was thinking. but I applied and got the card..

Called and "acivtated" it. sat in my wallet for a week. Made a payment before the due date and my bank kicked it back because they didn't transfer the information correctly. they nail me with a 30 dollar returned payment fee. say they will fix this if I make the payment "good" my reply was hey pin head, there is mid 4 figures in my checking account right now and NO indication of a bounced payment. Give it back NOW. And yes, i will make a 50 dollar payment now to fix this issue. So I make it, it comes though my checking account with a 10 dollar 'fee'... fast forward.. I grin and bear it, card came with 250 dollars in fees. I try to use it. declined. Call in, oh you can't do pay at the pump, and we screwed up the activation so it would not work right now anyways. there all fixed.. I sock drawer the card again... Today i get my statement online, no removal of the 30 dollar fee or the 4 dollar online fee. I call, they say theres no notes that say it is to come off. I say oh ya? check with Miss davis at extension XXXX he stumbles a bit... I say if that is not enough would you like to hear the recording of my conversation with her?? he stumbles some more. I say hey ya know what, this card has been trouble from the begining. Lets just close it, since i have never used it. it says in the card holder agreement that all your opening "fees" will be credited back. just back off the returned fee, the internet payment fee and send me a check for 50 bucks. I'll eat the 10 dollar "fee" for the payment I made by phone to correct YOUR mistake..

He agreed. I also reminded him that like Miss Davis' call, I recored this one too.

Bet I get a bill for 275 dollars, the ballance on the card.

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How on earth do you get into these messes? Hopefully all will be well, and this will end it..

I am with you on this!


I wonder if getting a closed credit card account off your credit file do you think that would help ones score? Or would it just age and look good? Check your PM

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Yeah they are the same as First Premier... They play lots of games. Called them today and said instead of setteling which is like a charge off if i paid $299 by March 4th it would be still open and $150 open credit.. OR i settle with 3 payments of $60.00.. Or dont do anything wich should i do? I have no open ccs..


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