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My new car story

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So I blew the engine in my Jeep Cherokee Laredo...

Note to self : when the red light comes on, don't wait, put oil in!!

Really wasn't prepared to buy a car right now, still working on the CRs. So I applied online at CapOne Auto and was approved in seconds for up to $40k @ 12% interest. I thought "YEAH, good for me". I really thought the interest rate would be a lot higher. Rec'd the "blank check package" the next day.

Anyway, I spent a few days online poking around @ Carmax and local dealers, found a couple cars I liked and yesterday went shopping. Carmax didn't open until 11am so I went across the street to another dealer and found a car I liked. Actually put a deposit on it to hold it overnight while I decided but my mind was really already made up.

Well, I stopped at my credit union this am on my way to the dealer to finalize the deal and just for sh*ts and giggles applied for a car loan...and was APPROVED for up to the same amount @8.5%!!!

I went straight to the dealer and picked up my black sapphire 2007 Lexus IS 250 fully loaded with ALL the bells and whistles ie: Navigation system, Bluetooth technology, rear-view back up camera, factory chrome wheels and custom wood interior trim!! I am really in love with myself right now (and everyone here @CIC for all their help)!!

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You must have really killed it big time.

Welllll....it had about 180K miles on it, I replaced the transmission twice, the steering was going and something about a CV boot? It still looked pretty good though. I have a friend who owns a small used car lot so he's going to sell it or part it out.

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They only pulled TU and the last time I got my scores September 12, 07 my TU was 589 with a BK7 discharged 09/05, 2 small claims civil judgments, 3 CAs, 1 utility CO, a Cap One IIB and a Providian TL closed by me after PIF in 10/02 with a 30 day late showing and 12 inquiries.

Since then before applying I had the 2 judgments deleted (they were IIB but not marked as such, I disputed as not mine and they were deleted without any problem), the Providian was disputed as never late and updated as such to a closed /paid/never late, and the utility disputed as IIB and they removed it.

So I don't really know what my score was on that day. I didn't even think to ask the loan officer as I was just so amazed to go from a 12% loan with Cap One Auto to the better rate with my Credit Union I grabbed it!!

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