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UCB called - claiming to be able to help me know!


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I just had a recent post about UCB breaking the rules BUT GET THIS! UCB just called again! An actual person - and he said he wanted to help me because he spoke with another rep there about my case. He claimed that because I did not work out a deal of any kind they are still charging me interest. He said the only way they will stop with the interest is if I agree to a monthly payment plan. MAN THIS IS CONFUSING! Can that really be true? Again, the last time I spoke to these clowns they told me never to call them again???

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I just read your other thread about UCB. You don't want to deal with these people at all. Don't talk to them. If you feel that you have to communicate with them, send faxes. I didn't pay them a cent. Citi eventually pulled the account back and sent it to another CA. UCB is impossible. They are unorganized and not to be trusted.

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Thanks so much for the replies and advice. I think the best part about this site is that you don't feel so totally alone when these CA's come after you. For the record - I want to repay Citi. I borrowed the $ and I owe it back. I just ran into some serious financial problems but they will pass. The whole OC / CA relationship is so inadequate and inefficient. Thanks to the info here it is at the very least manageable.

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Bottom Line:

Is UCB reporting on your CR?

That is what really matters !!!!!!

I've never seen , or heard of a UCB trade-line, but I could be wrong.

As far as re-setting the SOL- this is a fresh account so re-setting isn't

even an issue.

From my experience with Citi... the "fresh out of the box" CA's don't report to the CRA's..... but beware of it being pulled back by Citi..

you may think yippee..

but if that happens its usually about 3 to 4 months down the road.. by that time more and more interest and late fees etc are being added on and in the blink of an eye it gets sold to another CA

that DOES report on your CR, and who adds even more interest and late fees etc.... compounding your problem.


When you first talk to a CA, like the first 2 or 3 times... Most CA's claim they can't or won't do a payment plan

but if you refuse to pay them the balance...

they usually acquiesce.


The people who have problems with CA's are the people

who don't get the agreements in writing OR they bounce a check

or they miss a monthly payment -- OF COURSE they have problems,

that changes everything --- they broke the agreement -- DUH!



if they aren't reporting,

take advantage of this window of opportunity

before it does get sent to a CA that does report (or before you get sued).

If the agent or manager you are talking to doesn't want to offer you monthly payments,

ask for the General Managers name and send him/her a nicely worded

letter, explain your situation and what you are able to do. (even if they don't give you the GM's name you can still send a letter ATTN: GM)

Include your own contract in it for him/her to sign.

Agents and their Direct Managers are paid only on money they collect within the first 60 to maybe 90 days, that is why they don't want to accept monthly payments.. its purely selfish.

The GM however is paid on your account for as long as you keep paying , so more likely you will find him/her more agreeable.

Get any agreement in writing ( and don't break your end of the deal) and add in your agreement:

1. this account will not be reported to any CRA.

2. any additional interest or any extra fees will cease.

3. account will be considered settled in full for the amount of XXXX.XX

You can expect to settle for 70% of the current balance owing.

I know you have some solid violations against these guys.

you have some options:

you can get a signed settlement and then sue them.

or you can inform the GM of the violations, and tell him yes you have the recording, to sweeten the deal.

It's up to you.


Did you buy the recording device for your phone yet?

I wouldn't talk to a CA without one.

Oh and by the way.. How much does UCB say your remaining balance is?


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