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Any Experience DV the following CA...


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Moved from a 4 year old thread to its own.

You can't DV CAP1, GEMB, or any other OC (that would include Diners and THD...

You can DV Asset Acceptance, they're a JDB.

Keep reading and learning, grasshopper :p

DV only applies to collection agencies, NOT any original creditor.

Actually, I DV'd CRAP1's attorney that was suing me. You can DV any OC, But like Amerikana said they DO NOT HAVE TO REPSOND=) they are not violating your rights if they don't respond, so save your money.

You *can* dispute with them to investigate anything they (or their CAs) are reporting or trying to collect on you.

If Crap1 is reporting you, chances are they have validation if they had to show it. About the only way to deal with Crap1 is to catch them on other violations, they are NOTORIOUS for reseting DOLP, etc.

I have no experience with any of the others you've listed.

To find out what any OC has on you, read this: http://creditinfocenter.com/repair/DisputingWithOriginalCreditor.shtml

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Thanks for the information regarding DV with respect to Cap1 (OC).

Cap1 yesterday sent me a letter in response to my DV re-stating the obvious. That their system shows an account with my name with a balance. They also indicated that the application was made over the telephone (I guess the reason why they have no signed agreement/application), and attached a standard Card Holder Agreement.

I guess where they messed up in my opinion was to send me a standard cardholder agreement that came into effect after the original applicaiton. In other words, if the account was opened in 2001, why send a Cardholder Agreement that was in effect from 2005.

I think I have basis for a suit since it appears they are unable to show that I have applied for a card with them and provide an agreement to that effect.

At the very minimum, I'd like to send them an ITS letter and follow with a suit in Small Claims Court.

Any thoughts?

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