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Can collection agency change the amount of a collection on Creidt report?


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I just checked my credit report...and while I am dealing with the collection agency...well..sending Validation letters and proposal for settlement...they actually just reported 10-27-2007 on my CR that I owe them $1408 instead of $1300 now. They asked me to pay $850 to settle the debt over the phone...yea..I freaked out that day I got the statement and actually called them. That was before I found this wonderful website. I didn't promise them anything over the phone though, the guy said that I can pay it off for $850. His manager is going to take off $500 right there. I said I need to get back to you on that. Then they sent me something says per our conversation here is what you need to pay. I got so mad and started looking online.

I actually only owe $496 on a card I thought I paid off and cut it to pieces when I took off to Alaska after college...so I offered $496. They didn't respond, and increased the amount I owe on my CR.

Can they change the amount? It is listed under bank of America but the collection agency is Plaza Associates. Can they change the charged off listing under Bank of America?

Ughhhhh. I hate collection agencies.:evil: Please help me. Thanks!

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