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firstbank contacts?


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Is it Firstbank or First Bank?

Is that its complete name?

and where are they headquartered?

Firstbank one word, and the address I have is for lakewood co

john ikard is the pres/ceo, but i cant find an email at all

1stbank is on their signage, and their web page is "efistbank.com" i have tried numerous combinations

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Thanks for all the info!

I don't who Sharon is...but here's her contact info

First Bank Holding Company

Contact: Shannon Jones

100 St Paul Street

Denver, CO 80206

shannon.jones@efirstbank.com Phone: 303-329-5602

Fax: 303-329-5618


You can have fun with this...it's a very cool "sticky" at the top of either the "collections" or "credit repair" forums called How To Contact OC's/CA's.

The big tip is to go to Google and type in @efirstbank.com or whatever the company happens to be. Then all the names with an @firstbank.com or whatever show up.

Our friend Sharon was probably the fourth one down and there were more to go. You can probably find many more people listed.

If you don't want to call the main number and ask for the president's email address, you could try entering his name using Sharon's email address as a template as many companies use the same template for all of their employees. So, you might try john.ikard@efirstbank.com and see.

If this is a time-sensitive correspondence or something important, I'd make sure it's truly his address so your email doesn't go unseen.

Hope this helps...good luck

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It's actual name is:

FirstBank Holdings Company

12345 W Colfax Ave

Lakewood, CO, 80215-3742

Don Thuente

Chief Financial Officer



FirstBank Holding Company

12345 W Colfax Ave

Lakewood, CO 80215-3742

John Ikard

Chief Executive Officer



FirstBank Holding Company

12345 W Colfax Ave

Lakewood, CO 80215-3742

And YES GOOGLE is you friend if you search hard enough. Hope this helps.

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