I did it!

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I made it to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!


An absolute must do if you visit Sydney!

If you do come down and do the bridge-do it the day after you arrive-before you have already walked over all the beaches and the rest of the city (now I know).

2 more sleeps and then our holiday in Oz will be at an end. It was great having two springs this year though! And I managed to get a tan this week just walking around so getting back and going into winter with a little color will be all good!

I'm going to miss it here... but I will be back for sure!

Have you all been being good?


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I just did the regular old bridge climb... You probably know more about the differences between the two climbs than I do. I didn't even know there were 2 different climbs until I got there yesterday.

And surprisingly my legs and feet are not in pain this morning!

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You'll have to make a new thread and post pics. Did you see the Reef? The zoo? Sing Waltzing Matilda?

Reef-no, we didn't go up there but you would think we did since there is a cyclone (hurricane) up there at the moment...

We did do the zoo... This is the Giraffe's place with the city beyond... it is the Zoo with the Best View for sure!

and I don't sing... well.... much...


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