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Frickin' Sweet! APPROVED for a 10K private student loan

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Bear in mind I have only a total of 11 months credit history. Well, I already applied, and got denied for a citibank personal loan(that I was supposedly preapproved for), and a wells fargo student loan. I decided to try Bank of America as the last stop. Surprisingly enough, it said I was conditionally approved on the website after I applied. Well I sent in the application last tuesday, and yesterday i called in. They said that everything was done, and they were setting up to disburse funds next week!!!!!!!! The lady said quote on quote "i have never seen a faster approval in my time here". I replied that I know what underwriters look for, I'm a loan officer.

But anyway, my scores were the ones at the bottom of my siggy when I applied, I was approved for $10,000, and the name of the loan was the Education Maximizer Student Loan from BOFA. Also, i currently bank and have credit with them, sure that helped.

In closing, thank all of you that have contributed to my efforts. I have removed all my derogatorys, have prime credit cards with sweet terms and stupid big limits and am now a member of the 700 club. All in 11 months, all with your help.


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