We wern't gonna do it. But....

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I worked on a car the other day that i thought my wife and i would LOVE as a replacement for our mini-van we sold to ditch the 24% rate on... So we have been limping along with 2 very small cars, 2 kids, and of course all that goes along with them. (basically. hun you take him, I'll take her. see ya there!)

So here I was at work, doing some maintance on a Mazda5 wagon, admiring the seating for 6, the build the of the car, the way it drove (ya.. a test drive for a oil change... don't tell the owner alright?) and it was cute and mean looking at the same time. And rather zippy for a 4 cylinder.

So I go home googled it. about fell on the floor when I found you could buy a used 06one for 13K... I say.. naa not with a 596 Fico.. Wife says didn't chase *finely* update EQ?? I said ya, yesterday why?? She goes. whats your score now? uhhhh.... I don't know..

So I pull a 11 dollar my fico.. In front of the kids I let out a "Holly S*%#!!!"

My score, 665! Well now of couse, I'm pumped. I look out the window at our malibu (great car btw) and the handmedown escort sedan the wife has been packing (stuffing?) herself and the kids in.. Alright, call grandma, find the title to the escort. Lets go.

Off to the dealer we go. Spend 4 hours visting lots (mazda5's are hard to find) and found one we liked out of the 6 total in our area (1 or 2 on a lot accross town from eachother of course). 15,000 was asking because it had some extra options (toys!!!)

deal time.. they drive the escort. Offer me 500 bucks.. I say thanks, can I have the keys and head for the door (retail for it is 2500, has 90K on it and it looks new).. the salesman in tow.. Ok he said.. let me try again. what do YOU want for the car? I told him flat out. it's 100% lot ready. New tires, new t-belt all the fluids flushed and we have records, if you can find rust on it I'll deduct for it. Not a penny less than 1500..

Off to the managers office. General manager comes out, says hi, asks for the keys. Off he goes on a drive. Comes back and says ok. 1500.

We sit down to talk numbers on the new car (did ya think I was just going to leave it at that? we are still at asking on the price of the car!) Price of car as it sits now is 13,500.. We haggle, I head for the door.. This time I actually get in the escort have the motor started and am about to back out.. Sales guy comes running..

Ok ok you drive a really hard bargin (yup.. I do. you got cars. I got money. You want my money, your gonna work for it bud).. 12,500 plus tax, title and what not.. I look over the top of my glasses (he's REALLY close to the 12K I had in mind) he said thats it, all they will do. I fire back. hey, it's almost out of gas (hint hint)..

So, 12,500 it is, they fill the tank. Off to fiance. Last time I bought a car my sore was 470 or so. I was dealing with finance for ummm 6 hours i think it was (we left and expected a no on that deal) not this time. 5 minutes later we have 2 banks giving me the thumbs up. Ended up with Wachovia at 12% for 5 years.

They toss in a few goodies to boot, a year of AAA (Gold even!) a 4% discount at speedway/sa (hey, thats 12 cents a gallon) 5 free oil changes, a free dent removal and I think I saw a gift card for applebees in there.

I think all in all it went VERY well.

I went to BOA's web site and did the preapproval thing (no one can pull anything but EQ for me) and boom! 4 cards came up..

I just wish CSC/Equifax would get off their butts and remove me FA. I got the 30 day thing.


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That was fun to read.

I just read "Confessions of a Car Salesman" in one of the stickies by LadyinRed (I'll never look at car salesmen the same again) and was holding my breath that you wouldn't get caught in one of the tricks.

You did looks like Santa Claus came early to the Merkufan home!

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Congrats! I mailed my last truck payment a couple of days ago and I'm already getting the "I want a new car" itch. :lol: But I promised myself I'd wait at least a year before getting a new one. That'll give me time to continue to clean up my credit and save money for a down payment.

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I wonder how this is going to work. due to my FA a bank called to day to verify ID. Once complete I asked, so.. am I approved? they said yes. at 9.1%.. I called the dealer, I'd have to think we can change it.

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Actually, when I applied only EX was froze :) Wachoiva pulled TU and EQ and that blew me away that they still approved me. The other bank just pulled EQ. I put TU on ice tonight. The other thing that help is when it come to auto loans just about everyone pulls EQ around here. Unless they are a all 3 puller. I told them right off the bat to skip HSBC and Cap1. (and chase as I had them with my last loan and things did not go well for me)

Heres the deal, dealer says it's to late to do the bank change (I think they are full of it, and it's a paperwork thing) however, I got this approval hanging here, the bank does not know I already bought a car. We LOVE the car so much we are fighting over it....

A different dealer called, "I just got a red one in on trade! ya still looking?" he asks Uhh. YEAH! whats the deal??? gives me the specs (I see more fights coming, this one has more options) and the price. darn thing is LESS than the one we just bought.. So I get to talking with him. I said, do you remember my malibu? He goes yea, the one we want on our lot? Yup.. Thats the one! (it's loaded to the gills.. EVERYONE wants it as a trade because of this) I'm upside down on it a bit.. He goes "it's not public yet, but we are doing a 20% over KBB trade in starting Friday.. would that help?"... (well.. trade in books at 10K, so 20% would make it 12K... hmmmm ya.. we're close!) He then says, come down tomorrow, I'll make um do it early (uhhh ya.. they'd do it for anyone, thanks for making me at least kinda feel special)

Another reason to trade/sell the bu.. My mother is on the loan. This was back when I needed help to borrow a buck from the bank. Mom is not really a happy camper right now has the open account is making it harder for them to buy something they are looking at. Most banks are asking them, hey there is only 2 of you, 4 car loans?? (their cars, mine, and my sisters) so getting rid of the car, even if it costs me 1000-2000 is at this time worth it to get my mother off my back.

long story short. I am going to look at it. The more we use the new mazda the more we realize the malibu is only a good comuting car for me to get to work, and then it's 23 MPG sucks. Since i am really racking up the miles on it, it will never be worth more than it is today as it currently has average miles. I put 2500-3000 a month on my car. Once it gets past average to high miles the car will be worthless. I normally drive cars in to the ground, however we bought the bu when we where in no more kids mode. And well.. we had one more and the wife is talking about wanting one last one via adoption.

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It's sad really. I am so upside down on the bu I can't trade it. I owe near twice what it's worth on trade. They did approve me and I am thinking about it for a new loaded 08 Lancer. I never thought I would look at a Mitsu lancer and go "wow, what a sweet looking ride"..

Very mean looking car, loaded with nav, rockford fosgate stereo MP3, the works, right down to the smart key. It's one heck of a deal at 19,995. The deal is 3.9% for 5 years. However, the payment (due to the 6K I'd roll in to it) is to much for me. And it does not avance my needs. The lancer is a 5 seater.. I really need something bigger or I might as well drive the bu in to the ground..

But the nav, sat radio, and other toys are calling my name... I'd have signed on the dotted line if the darn things came with more than 150 HP.. handles great, stops on a dime but 0-60? well....... The mazda is quicker.

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