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FICO score

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Well, I finally went to myfico and got the 30 day free trial.

Wow, what a lot of information and help.

They even take you step by step to dispute anything and then make the letter for you that you can print out and mail.

They also have a simulator in this program where you can do different things and see how it will affect your score in the future.

And tells you exactly what you would need to do to obtain a certain credit score in the future.

You just have to make sure you go into all the features that you just got and use them before the 30 days is up unless you want to pay for it.

You have to cancel before the 30 days or you will be automatically added to the service and billed. But I would have to say, it looks like it is well worth it.

I found out that my actual fico score was 78 points higher than what the fako I was using shows as of today.

And with just paying down my cc this month to below 40%, my credit score will go up another 50-90 points or so per the estimator.

That basically puts me back in the good credit range of over 720. WOOHOO!!

I hope that actually happens.

At any rate, this site has been a real education and I appreciate it a lot

and I also would recommend the scorewatch at myfico.

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For most of us here, you have to add between 50-100 points to the Truecredit FAKO scores to get some idea of your FICO. There are a few exceptions here and there.

BT (or anybody),

Would you say the same holds true for PM123 since they are a TU reseller? (as far as the adding 50-100 to the FAKO PM123 gives ya)

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