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Who uses Micro Money or Quicken?

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I picked up Quicken first and had issues getting the software to get online and update my info. Now I have Money and I get the same issue. It let me originally put in the accounts and they initially updated, but they wont anymore.

Do you get yours to update regularly? I havent been able to use as much of the software as I would like because of this.

I do like the fact that it can even calculate your interest if you enter it even if it doesnt update though.

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I love money! I have money 2007. I can access my money info anywhere I can find a computer with a web browser. great if I can't remember something. I do question how well MSN/Microsoft locks up my info. but I figure if someone hacks in and wants to drain my checking account of the 2.32 that is currently in it. let um..

I also like the update with bank feature. Most of my creditors are listed. it's cool to be able to download what I owe on my credit cards. It even works with creditonebank.

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Does it actually work to update everything when you click the update button?

Short answer, yes. it depends on if the bank is a "partner" - listed in the list of financial institutions when setting up the account. If not, you'll have to download your transactions manually.

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I started out with MS Money way back in the day and enjoyed it. Then I gave quicken a shot and used both at the same time for a while there. In the end I stuck with Quicken. Quicken was a bit more powerful with reports and graphs and allowing a mix of business and personal finances and kept track seemlessly, but Money was simpler to use with less options and an attractive interface.

I don't think you could go wrong either way as I imagine recent versions of MS Money are way better than what I used to have.

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