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Dispute online is safe??

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I was thinking alot of you say dont dispute online, nut why not?? The 3 credit bureaus gives you a confirmation number on the final page that you can print off and save for you records, also they allow you to print your dispute off and I'm pretty sure that info would hold up in court.. So my question is why do you say disptue by mail. I think i'm going to dispute online. i have had better success with disputing online then by the email.

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Primarily, if you dispute it, you have to stay within their guidelines. Methuss wrote an excellent thread - a sticky - which gives good information. I have used it a couple of times successfully, but I alway keep his points in mind.


I used to dispute online, with good success, but until I read Methuss' post, I have stopped with my online disputes and do it ALL in writing and by fax now!

I knew there was something to his post when I started to dispute via fax/CMRRR and the CRAs began throwing smoke screens and using delay tactics. ::idea2:::shock:

My success with online disputing was luck, but I could have gotten better results quicker.

Hope this helps!

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