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Should I send DV letters to CA's and/or CRA's?


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I am just starting to clean up my credit. I recently applied for a mortgage loan and they bascially said, "don't bother". My fico was 510. They gave me a copy of their report so that is what I am working from.

I have lot's of little TL's that have gone to CA's and they are reporting as of 9-2007.. Should I send a DV letter to each one? And then what? Should I just wait to hear from them, or, should I also be sending something to the CRA's?

I also have some duplicates and have asked how to handle that in the Collections forum. **I've included that question below FYI.


*********************The information was reported on a credit report requested by a mortgage company. To remind you, there are 4 TL's for the same debt. 2 are the same account/same #'s, reported twice by the same CA to all 3 CRA's.. Last reported in 9-2007

The other 2 reports are reported by a non CA agency (wierd #'s, no name, etc.) They have different start dates and different amounts. **They were last reported in 4/04 and 6/04 and only to TUC.

Now, what should I bring to the attention of the CA, and how? And, what should I bring to the attention of all 3 CRA's? And, what should I bring to the attention of TUC?

I've been reading the Credit repair and Collections forum and have really gotten a lot from mad monkey and amerikaner (especially one of his letters to a CA).

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Your post is somewhat of a duplicate to your other one under Credit Repair.

Check your other thread, I posted an answer to you. You did answer the question I posted about the Mortgage company giving you a copy of your report. That my friend is a big bozo no-no and they can be fined big time for that.

There is a proper process that they must adhere to by federal law.

1. You sign an agreement that allows them to pull your credit.

2. They pull your credit and say under hushed breath, "Man this guys credit sux"

3. They politely tell you that based on what they reviewed in your report they have to deny you credit, that's all they can say.

At this point they can say no more. Federal and State law requires them to provide you with a discloure of rights document that basically tells you that you were denied credit from zyx CRA, that your credit worthyness did not meet the model that they use to provide credit, that you have specif state and fed. rights. etc.....

This has to be given to you in written form, period. I have never heard of it handed to a person at the point and time they were denied. I have only heard of it being mailed.

You take that document and you request from the CRA a complete copy of your credit report. Once you get that copy you start the DV process. Check the Sticky called Were to start for Newbies.

I am not saying this would happen, it possibly could. If you start DV the CRA and they show no pulls from you, in other words, you pulled your own credit report, they may start asking where you got the report from.

On the other hand the mere fact that the mortgage company gave you the Credit report without the disclosure would pan out in your favor. Give it 30 days if you don't get something in writing from them disclosing your rights you just got them on violations which equates to free money.

Check my responce to at your other post. Good Luck

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