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CA calling about Providian Acct I had no knowledge of


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I've been spending all my free time doing all the research I could on credit repair and I would have to say this is the best forum I've found. Thanks to everyone who has posted I think I can finally start the process.

A little history here...I was recently contacted by an Investigation Service (read CA JDB) called Claims America about a Providian Financial account I had no knowledge of. They stated a CC was sent to my ex-wifes and that she ran the bill up and they were going to sue. Long story short...total BS. I pulled up all 3 CR's and lo and behold, the account shows on TU and EX as accts in Good Standing and it was purchased by another lender. I called Providian and the information they had was that this was a Discover account that they had purchased in '99. I initially DV'd the CA but after reading the posts here I probably should have sent them a FOAD since the SOL has run out for TX. Questions:

1) Should I do anything about the Providian account on my CR? It does not show as a negative but for some reason on EX shows it won't drop off until 2012 even though it shows closed 12/02

2) Discover appears no where on my CR's as it is well past the SOL and the 7 year reporting period. Does that make Providian a JDB and guilty of re-aging an account with a DOFD in 1999?

I'm sure as I begin my credit repair journey, I will have many more questions for you fine people. I have learned so much by reading the posts and look forward to future discussions.

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