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Midland Not Licensed in Fl? Revoked??


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Hey guys! Question! I dv'd midland (mcm) and they sent me back what I would think is a proper validation. It is for $218 with Fingerhut from about 4 years ago. They sent me all account statements from the time I had opened the account. Ive also disputed, and all come back verified.

So, I was searching the threads and came accors a post that stated that Midland is not licensed in Florida, somthing about the lisence being revoked in April 07. ??? Is this true? What doesn this mean for me? Are they not allowed to collect from me? What do I do now?

THanks so much for any and all help!!! :)

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Becareful how you wade through this one before you proceed.

Start here: Florida Status on License of a collection agency:


Go down to H:

(h) Any out-of-state consumer debt collector who does not solicit consumer debt accounts for collection from credit grantors who have a business presence in this state.

Fingerhut is a Minnisota registered company. As I read the statue it means Midland is perfectly in there rights to collect the debt.

I would contact the Florida, Office of Financial Regulation and find out how the interput internet companies registered in another state, that sell to people in Florida. It's very slim if that but at this point maybe you can get them on a technicallity. I would venture to guess they would treat it like a mail order catelog and consider the company as reg. out of state doing business by mail in the state.

Also check to find out who actually administers there credit cards. Its usually a third party company. If that company is registered in Florida, then you might have them on the technicallity.

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