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Question Regarding Collection Account !!!!!


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Hi All,

First and foremost let me take a moment to wish each and every one of you a safe a happy holiday...and of course many, many more. I have an issue where I reached out to a company (NSTAR) that posted to my credit report and formerly disputed the claim that I owed them a dime. Yes, Yes I know (from sifting through the forums, that I should never talk with a creditor over the phone…..

My first communication with them was by faxing to them any and all supporting documentation that suggesting that the account in question is not mine, about a week later, they sent me a packet in the mail asking that I fill out their copy of the ftc’s affidavit of id theft…which I did….something to keep in mind here is that my original fax included this as well as a copy of police reports, my driver’s license, and former apartment lease…I viewed this as a stall tactic…but played along just the same.

Another interesting component to this, is that when speaking with the investigator at their office it was brought to my attention that she received the packet I sent a week after I sent it (based on the fax confirmation.....which again appears to be a stall tactic). In my defense I stated to this person that her organization has 30 days to process and verify that the person that held this account was in fact me……she’s claiming that because she didn’t have on her desk until a week after I sent it, that the 30 days begins at that point….is that true?

I’m now at a point where the 30 days have passed, and no communication has been given other than the small talk that she and I had on the phone…claiming that “this can take months” and a letter from them requesting additional copies of the documentation that I already sent them….in all fairness I should state that the letter that she sent to me stated that they would get back to me within 14 days from the date they received my response…which has also lapsed.

Can anyone here provide some insight as to how I am to proceed with having this item removed from my report….should I send NSTAR a demand letter to remove this item from my report? and if so is there a form letter that speaks to the laws suggesting why they should, and if so can someone provide me with a link to that letter?

If I send this demand letter of sorts should I also send a copy to the credit bureaus…..with copies of the documents that I sent to NSTAR?



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Actually, all they really need to do within 30 days is mark their TL on your CRs as "in dispute". If they do that, they can take as long as they like to validate.

If they haven't done that, then send then another letter pointing out that they are violating the law and they you will gladly take them to court if they don't get off your reports. Do a search for "ITS" letters...

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