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Has anyone had experience with ROI Services, Inc.?


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I have a check with them, the total amount is less than $50 (includes check and service charge). I knew it was returned, but then it was resubmitted and unless I looked at the statement wrong, it had been paid by OD, since it was only $26.00.

I had moved about a month afterward and changed banks (after paying an outstanding balance of both NSF and OD) to one closer to my new city and never heard anything else, except for a letter from ROI with a copy of the check that I figured that the re deposit of the check had somehow not caught up to them yet. That was sent to my old address.

I found this entry on my CR back in Jan of this year. I sent a letter disputing it, no reply, I sent another letter, this one of RE/PFD nature (though I retained my belief that I did not owe it, wanted to be rid of it once and for all) and still no reply.

Now I am wondering what to do next? I no longer have those bank statements, and the bank doesn't seem to have copies any longer (this was closed in June of 2006).

The same lady signed both green cards when i attempted to resolve this before, but I found their website with an e mail "information@roiservicesinc.com" and I am wondering if I would have any better luck going through that way?

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