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My progress --- 3 months after repair started :-)

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while I was trying to be on application hiatus.... I figured I needed some appliances for my new house....

I said what the H*ll...I applied on the website and WAS APPROVED!!!!!!

my new credit limit $2000.....OMG -- I've never had a credit limit that high before!!!:)

I thank everyone here!!!!!!!

They pulled EQ --- My EQ score at time of app ---665 ( based on SW)

3 months into credit journey and I am being sent approvals all over the place...

Macy's just upped my limit from $300 to $600 a few days ago w/o me asking for my GLI!

Target is next - I hope!!! GLI due in a few weeks.

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I know the feeling (on behalf of my DH).

We had been holding off on applying for any credit knowing that it wouldn't happen because of his low scores and the baddies.

But this past weekend, we checked the scores and while EQ is still lower than EX and TU (by 50+ points) we applied for credit with Friedman's Jewelers. We did it online and got the 7-10 day message (but I'm pretty sure it's because of the FA on EX, and their new credit office was closed on Saturday!) so we went into the store and they have the installment account (with CIT BK), rather than the preferred account (on the website) and hubby was approved for $3400! (After verifying it was him because of the FA)

So I'll finally get my engagement ring after 1yr and half! haha...

So now I'm wondering if hubby will get the preferred card too...I'll have to get him to call about it.

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i have a best buy master card, that had a limit of 510 now up to 750, I applied for a orchard card, and got a 300 limit :( I am sure this will hurt my credit more also I got a circuit city card for 2500 so last night i got two cards a plat orchard, and a circuit city, I wanted two credit cards instead of a store card but the CC card is really a credit card just can't use it no where other than circuit city, apparently my bad record wasn't good enough to get the visa, but I am working on that, I am glad to see you got such a limit, MY applying days are over with and on to more taking inq's off and hopefully i will get a letter in the mail saying they have deleted the two bad things i have on my credit other than bk 7, that would be great!! I still have one CA though, but one ca has been payed for almost 7 years so that will fall off!!! FINGERS CROSSED, happy for ya!

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Congrats you guys!

Just keep in mind that after an application and approval spree, you'll have a lot of baby accounts that will need to age a bit (my guess is 5-6 months) before you go after a "better" card or account.

I'm done until June at least, and then I'm going for a gas card or two and maybe a Citi, Chase or Amex, but not until my November accounts age a while.

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