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Hello, I am new here and need some advice please?


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Hi, just found this link while searching the web. I am an artist, but currently have two jobs to pay off all my debts. all togheter i work over 75 hrs a week. I have three cats. Love them, but they don't help w/the bills.

This is my problem.

I have talked to other collections agencies & credit cards co. I owed money too &am in the process of repaying them all. There is only one. Phillyps Cohen & assoc. that refuse to work w/me.

The representative is very rude, refuses to let me speak to anyone else. Tells me that he is there to "finalize" my account so the credit card co. can make whatever legal decision are approprite in my state.

How can i negotiate some payments? if i don't have the enitre sum he wants at once. I can say no w/out saying, sorry no funds available?

Any advice would be appreciated



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Welcome...and welcome to the cats too...

You've got a lot of reading to do. Lots here to learn...

First off, stay off the phone with Collection agencies (CAs). They are trained to panic you into doing something you probably don't have to. Also, never deal with a CA. Call the original creditor (OC) and talk to them. See what you can work out.

Often when you do call an OC, they'll refer you to the CA. My response is "its my personal policy not to deal with CAs. If you want my money, talk to me directly or we'll let a judge decide.".

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First off.

Good for you for wanting to get your credit fixed.


I hope you negotiated a PFD with the CA's that are reporting

on your CR because a paid collection is only slightly better

than an unpaid one and you have re-set the SOL on all the

accounts you just paid something to. :-(

Did you get your payment/settlement agreements in writing?

don't be surprised if they 'forget' the verbal agreement.


you have one remaining that isn't budging.


"finalization" and "whatever legal decision are appropriate in my state"

are scare tactics a CA uses to "imply" that they are suing you.


they use the words " we are going to sue" they probably aren't.

How much is the this debt for $?

When is the DOFD?

Is it still within your States SOL?

I would by a recording device for your phone , OR is a 1 party state.

play dumb and rack up violations.

I would also buy the book


Good luck

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$2555.00, Thanks, i will follow both of your advice & today call chase & accc. Any more advice is sincerely welcome.

How old is this account? (and by that, I mean, what is the date you LAST made a payment on it?)

How old are the other ones? If any of them are past their SOL, don't send money just yet. (however, by talking to them on the phone, and making payment arrangements, you might have reset the SOL by your state)

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