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I don't think I've shared with anyone that I have been out of work for the last two weeks (and, over Thanksgiving of course!) due to the stagehand strike in New York City. :cry:

They are meeting this evening and it so importantly crucial that they come to a settlement as no more talks are scheduled. :roll:

Many people such as the stagehands and ushers have funds so they have at least gotten some compensation through the strike, but alot of folks were just curbed to survive until shows resume. :shock:

So, please send whatever energy you have out into the universe wishing for a settlement and hope it is received in Times Square. :-(

Eek. :!:

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Thanks alot Muse! :)++

Stef: The stagehands of the majority of Broadway shows walked out almost 3 weeks ago. They had been trying to negotiate contracts with producers over the summer and were working without a contract since July. Broadway was dark over the Thanksgiving Holiday which really is a historic event to us New Yorkers. It's kindof unreal not to have all of these stories being told every night. xdancexxdancexxdancex

Anyway, still dark but the word is that they are negotiating the last bits and pieces of the puzzle. :!:


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Yes, but what are they trying to get in the new contract? I'm not into the Broadway thing, I worked a few labor disputes back in the early 90's. I've seen a few companies go out of business because Union's demanded more than their employers could afford. I was just curious as to why they walked out.

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Just got this in my e-mail! Looks like it's over. Back to work! :p

Broadway stagehands and theater producers reached a tentative agreement to end a strike that has shut down more than two dozen plays and musicals for more than two weeks.

Log on now to www.cbsnews.com, or wap.cbsnews.com for wireless users, for details.

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