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Guest missdee

Originally Posted by missdee

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the forum. I have been reading your messages for approximately 1 month. I decided to make an attempt to improve my credit scores on October 31, 2007 (which are 500 "Rock Bottom" as of today). I have not done this since 1999 and was quite successful. My how things have changed! I have made a few mistakes and would like to correct them if possible.

Mistake #1: I did not mail disputes "Registered" or "Certified." I documented the day they were mailed.

So far I have received responses from 2 CRA's.

Mistake #2: I documented on my initial CR's received what was disputed and the reason. I did not keep a copy of the dispute form.

Mistake #3: I did not include the copies of I.D. needed to process. *TU wants a copy of BK filing; EXP stated they are unable to process due to no proof of identity.

Since they did acknowledge receipt of my disputes, my questions are:

1) Should I NOW begin to send future disputes "Certified" or "Registered"? Which is best? 2) Because I did not send proof of I.D. to the CRA's, can I do so NOW? Will they keep, copy and file my dispute without the I.D. information or discard it? (Will it still be in my file?) 3) If I send the proof of I.D. now, will they locate/match my recent dispute form, attach, and complete the dispute process? or 4) Should I just have a do over!?!

If anyone can link me to information regarding the above questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Any insight will help. Thank you.



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Welcome to CIC, missdee!

1): Sending disputes via CMRRR to CRAs (CAs are a different case) are a waste of $...unless they claim that they didn't get a dispute. Unless you're in a dire emergency, I don't see how an additional 2wks is going to deter your progress. What I mean is...if you send in your written disputes via regular mail...wait 2wks...check w/ CRAs for receipt and they claim they didn't get it, then you can resend it via CMRRR or delivery confirmation. Some pple feel more comfortable doing it the 1st time around; it sort of gives them a peace of mind. I, personally, would want to save $. In my experience, CRAs have never claimed to have not gotten any of my disputes. If you must have proof that the CRAs receive your disputes, then send them w/ delivery confirmation. It's the same concept and will save you $.

2): Yes, send in your identification. While it may add 15 days to their investigation time, they will not "investigate" your disputes w/o it. Their policy is...how can they investigate if they can't verify who you are?

3): Yes. Make sure you include your information and a copy of the letter they sent to you asking you to verify your identity. You want to make sure that they have no reason to prolong the investigation.

4): A do over isn't necessary.

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With my complete respect for EarthAngel, I agree to disagree with #1 regarding CMRRR to CRA's.

It will cost you $4 and some change to send CMRRR which provides you with absolute proof as to the trail of your DV.

This board is littered with complaints from people that sent DV's to the CRA only to be told a) we did not recieve it, B) verified TL's after the CRA was recontacted and well beyound the 30-45 day grace period they are given.

Regarding I.D. With the CRA's I always noted my SS on the letter. With CA I never included my SS.

CRA's only need to identify your legal name that is being reported on there reports, current address they have listed and your social. There is no other I.D. they need. No copies of Drivers License, no passport copies, etc.....

If you have legal paperwork that provides additional information to the CRA's then send that along. Never the original only the copies.

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MadMonkey, the OP is referring to dispute letters to the CRAs...not sending DV letters to CAs. CRAs do NOT have to respond to DVs as the FDCPA does not apply to them. As for CAs, YES...indeed...send your DVs via CMRRR, which is why I said in my 1st response that "CAs are a different case" in reference to CMRRRs being a waste of $.

While the CRA only needs your legal name, address, and SS#, there are instances where additional ID is needed b/c the info a consumer provides does not match their records. This happens many times w/ misspelled names, incomplete names, or even wrong address. If you don't want to send in any copies of your IDs, then by all means don't. But they can always refuse to investigate until you provide proof. It's extremely difficult to sue a CRA and win. So, IMO, not cooperating is the last thing you should do...unless their request is unreasonable.

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