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Can you sue for re-aging?

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yes, you can sue, it's a violation.

But...like Amerikaner said, you have to prove it. This isn't really all that difficult if you've kept all of the billing statements they've sent you.

You see, if the last payment you made to them was (hypothetically) 5/2005, and they are saying it is 3/2006, then they might be re aging the account. (Of course when you take them to court, they can always say.."ooops, an error in our billing system", so you haven't really proved that they intentionally did it or that they have caused you any real hardship.

Sometimes a CA will reage by inserting a "ghost" payment. This is a payment that you never made and it is strictly a "paperwork" payment. This makes it look like you came back and made a payment long after you actually did. This helps them to not only reage the debt and keep it on your CR longer than it should be, but it also helps them reset the SOL if they decide to try and sue you.

If you've never made a payment on any of these debts, then they DOFMD would be probably about 30 days after the first billing statement from the hospital was sent out.

Again, if you've kept your billing statements (something most of us only learn to do after we've found this site) then you will have some support on your side if they try and reage. (Ex: no payments ever made showing on the statements, you would be able to prove when the DOFMD occurred. And if they tried to come back with a ghost payment, you could point out to the judge, "why is it there now, but not on any of these billing statements they sent me?"

good luck.

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