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Need Help!!!to Apply For Personal Loan

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I want a personal loan of abt $ 30k. I did check the patelco cu thread n called them but they need some weird requirment for that, like need to have 16000/mnt paycheck to get approved besides credit (if i had a 16k chek/mnt heck would i apply for loan or cc) Then i searched and applied yesterday to Wells Fargo but they denied me today (they pull EXP).I did see the CU thread also.

So if any of u knw which bank or CU can offer such loan or had applied for please share ur info. I did search on the net for personal loans but there are many and i am confused n besides instead of applying several places and ruining credit score its better to ask here where ppl have lot of info and experience.

The reason I want the loan is to consolidate my student loan payment and credit card payment into one single payment plus i need some 10K in cash . My scores are TU 707 , EXP-719 , EQ-693. I live with parents so no mortgages i have a good history of paid off cars, no late payments, no collections.have 6 inq on EXP and 2 on EQ none on TU. I live in Chicago.

Any help would be appreciated


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