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Got their dunning letter on the 16th of November sent DV with request to stop the phone calls on the 19th. Got the green card back on the 26th and they called tonight the 27th. He kept wanting to verify my ss# or he might have to hang up, then I told them they already had that information. He was really insistent on talking to me until I notified they were in violation of my request to not to call, his tuned changed. Then he put me on hold for a couple of seconds and then came back with this call was just to verify we received your letter and will notify all other offices not to call. My journey into credit repair continues so far I have manage to stop my phone from ringing 15 times a day and have gotten one deletion on my credit reports. Still having a difficult time with AFNI and don't know what gonna happen with Asset Acceptance still waiting on a court date to be set been 3 months now since they sued and I answered. Got an attorney helping me on that case that deals with consumer protection for the low income folks.

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