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weight loss

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I've been following Six Week Body Makeover..it's working!

I like the Six Day Makeover book better, it is easier to understand.

I just wanted to share if anyone is looking for a diet. :)

HSN has the best price/shipping on the complete program. I would buy or (check out) the Six Day Makeover book first to see if it's something you would like to do long term.

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Hi Debtmamma

I just checked out the website looks interesting........did you purchase the whole program? If so, how are the meal plans for, say, a fussy eater?

I do like the blueprint your body section.......

I just read the ABS diet and Sugar Busters.......

A few months ago I reached my goal of a 40lb loss with weight watchers, but since then I have been playing yo yo up and down 5-10bls....I love weight watchers but sick of counting points..........I know what I should be eating but I need to make a game out of it or it doesnt work for me........

I have never heard of this guy..........I tend to watch Bob Greene with Oprah.....If you watch Oprah, Dr. OZ even has a lot of good hints..........

It's a healthy lifestyle not a diet..........

Good Luck


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I'm getting gastric bypass next year. Can't wait.

My wife had that OCT 2006, she now weighs 120lbs. She is also now NOT insulin dependant!

Be sure to have the surgeon look at your pancreas (SP) while doing the bypass after 6 months you may have to have it taken out anyway. My wifes was fine during the initial surgery, but at the 6 month mark she had to go back and have it removed becasue the body is produceing (something) the pancreas is supposed to eliminate and when you have the bypass it cannot do it becasue of all the rapid weight loss.

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Funny you should bring that up.. I just rejoined Weight Watchers on Monday.

Things are looking good thus far. :)

I am leaving weight watchers this month. No it isn't them. the program works great. I just stalled. lost 35lbs, but then had more to lose and got discouraged. holidays are here. great party food. think i will go back in jan. well, I'll see. Good luck

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Thats what happened to me in March......tried to go another 5/10 but ended up just maintaining all summer.....THEN...the cold weather set in...and boom right off track..........the comfort food was just too yummy.......going back on Monday, with the holidays, eekkk.....I know I'll secrew up but at least I'll be somewhat consciousness of it! Enjoy the Holidays, but get back on January 2nd!!!! It comes on much faster then it comes off! How come when it comes on, its in whole pounds but taking it off week after week its sometimes small increments!!! lol

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tonsil surgery five weeks ago..down 20 lbs since. now that its gone i have to work hard to get fit again..:roll:

i took phentermine before that. its awesome but hard to get a doc to give a script for it..:?

good luck all!!

Is this still sold or not?

'Cause I can ask my Dr. Feelgood for it... What is the brand name?

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Phentermine does work. Be careful of all those web sites that offer it without a prescription. Usually they are selling something they produce, not the real stuff. Most of those sites spell phentermine slightly different -phenermine, phentermind, etc.

When I used it in the past, I got it from a local diet doctor who charged $49 total for the doctor visit and a months supply of pills. He has about a dozen clinics now. Last time I lost 38 pounds in about 3 1/2 months. You have to change your eating habits while on the pill or you will not be able to maintain the weight loss when you quit taking it.

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Hanging out here just reminds me that I worked my a$$ off to fix my credit......then let it go to hell again. :(

But I'll try to drop in more. :)++

I'm sorry to hear that...

But come on back.. there are a bunch of newbies that have never seen your a$$!


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