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Who do I send my documentation to?


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I have begun the process of filling out my ID theft paperwork and am unsure who to send it to. Is sending it to the CRA's good enough, or do I need to send it to the CA's listed on my reports and OC's they are collecting for?

I sent the FTC complaint form to the TU and EQ (EX was returned:evil:). They removed 2 of the items but not one being collected by a CA. Since then, 2 more collections have popped up on my EX report, so I have to add those accounts to my list of accounts.

Not sure if I should include the CA on the affidavit, since they are collecting for the OC. This is very confusing...

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There is a sticky on steps to take in regards to reporting ID theft right above your post. :p

Good luck! :)++

Yep, read it first - thanks. I was asking who I send the info to and whether or not I should inlude the CA's on the ID Theft Affidavit or just the OC.

Contacting Creditors / Collection Agencies:

a. Contact immediately as soon as you know they have been affected by the fraud.

b. Inform them immediately to close account. Change pin number / password protect and tell them you don't want them sharing your information with anyone unless it is law enforcement opt-out and include their affiliates.

b. Ask for their address specifically for their: Fraud Department.

c. By writing send in your dispute, copy of police report (or file number with contact information to the exact police department involved in the case); and a copy of your id theft affidavit.

d. Some creditors will require further steps be taken, including their own id theft affidavit. Be sure to complete and follow up with what they ask or provide.

e. Be sure to follow up all leads provided in this matter, ask questions, and research the matter if you know something to be important... finding the person responsible is just as important.

This says creditors. The actual "OC" is not on my reports - the CA's are. But, the CA's aren't the "creditors".

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Don't take any chances. Send it to any and all entities who ever touched the account, or reported it somewhere. At worst, they'll just file it in the circular bin. At best, it may reach the person who can do something about it.

/I know, late advice. But someone else may have the same question.

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