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Teacher Ease ~ Any teachers out there?

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Have to share....

My one son's school just started this new web-based grading program. It allows parents to be better informed by checking assignments, grades, attendance, behavior, etc. over the Internet. It's basically a tool to help teachers communicate with parents more frequently.

I just think it is so cool. I get e-mails and when I log in I can see my kids assignments, attendance records, school calendar, and even the e-mails I have received from teachers. Not to mention same e-mail goes to DH so we BOTH know what is going on. If my kid is missing an assignment it's on there too! Yesterday, DH mentioned a science test on Wed and a study guide coming home today, at the dinner table and I mentioned knowing about it and my kid was like. I KNOW! :roll: LOVE.IT! :lol:

I was even able to schedule the parent-teacher conferences with all my kids teachers using this tool.

Now my kid cannot tell me he doesn't have any homework which he has done several times only to get to the conference with a list of incompletes! :evil:

With 4 kids we're always so busy it's easy for us to miss when a kid has not completed a pending assignment. NOT ANYMORE!!! :twisted: My poor kid. :lol:


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and you'll find yourself getting pissed if the teacher gets a little behind.

My son told his friend that he had a 55 for the end of his nine weeks in one of his AP classes. His friend ratted him out to the boss (aka wifey) and she hit the roof. As soon as she got home she logged on and the site said his grade was a 98. She was hot because she thought the website wasn't updated. goofy walked through the door about an hour later and played the game for about 45 minutes, until he just couldn't hold in the laughter anymore.

atta boy....

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