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Collection Agencies (shaking head)


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I am doing much better now than I was back then. I didn't bother answering my phone at home because I knew who was calling. Here's on for ya:

My Discover account went to collections and this particular agency (I don't remember the name) was horrible. They were unbelievably nasty! I wish I had known then what I know now.

First, the guy called me and seemed very understanding. Admitted that he pulled my credit report...he sympathized...told me that he has seen many credit reports like mine...but told me that I needed to pay up that day. I told him that I couldn't and that I was in a financial bind. I was numb by this time, and I thought I had heard it all from every collection agency there is until :

Him: There has to be some way you can get the money to pay this bill.

Me: No sir, I don't have the means to pay this bill.

Him: Let me put it like this, if you were to go to jail today, who would bail you out?

Me: A family member, I guess.

Him: Well, you need to call that family member and ask them for the money.


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I had a CA for First Premier ask me if I had bought anything high dollar with the card that I could sell to pay the debt. He then told me to have a yard sale to raise the money. This is why its nice to live in a one party state and record all the calls.

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