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Almost there, Equifax is the Devil

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Have been working on my credit with the help of this site, my scores are as follows: Experian 734 Equifax 609 Transunion 770.

I am down to one bad ding on Experian ( a originally 5000 cc. bill that balloned to 10,000 with interest and penalties)

I am currently going thru Debt Validation, of course they did not respond and I have sent off the second letter with all of the copies.

Transunion has removed the entry (it expires in two years)

am still disputing it with the other two agencies,

My question is almost all of the bads were old medical bills, which I have paid off in the last 6 months, Experian and Transunion removed everything however Equifax is being stubborn and will not budge, before I paid the bills off I could see who I owed the money to and how much, now all it shows is a paid collection AND THATS IT, no information, I called and talked to a real person, and they were not helpful at all, the collection they gave me as the creditor does not exist tried Internet, yellow pages and telephone information, still no good, how do I get them to remove entries that are paid off ? I did however dispute ALL of the accounts with them, hopefully the collection agency (IF they can get ahold of them) will not bother verifying

a debt that is already paid off, or if they cannot reach them either they will have to take them off.............ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED

P.S. Sorry about the long post.

Just a note that you should be dealing with CSC instead of Equifax because you live in TX.

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Just dispute as not yours.

If the CA no longer exists, they cannot verify it.

And for any tradeline they report they must provide you with a name, address, and phone to that company, as per FCRA § 609(a)(3)(B).

Worst case, if the company no longer exists, and they still refuse to delete it (which means they're lying about investigating it) send them an affidavit of identity theft.

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