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Correcting personal info


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Equifax has my husbands name spelled wrong and it shows his former name as MY name. They are stupid!

His job does background checks and they had a problem pulling his b/c of the name spelling, so we definately need it changed.

I sent a letter off to them told them to correct his spelling of his name and to remove the former name b/c he has never been known as that name, that it is his wifes name. I sent a copy of his license.

I get a letter today, telling him he needs to send in proof with a copy of his drivers license, ss card and some other form of proof. Plus, I need a formal letter requesting the changes.

This is bs to me. As it is you have to give substantial info when getting a license to prove its you, how is that not sufficient?

So do I send them his ss card, dl and birth certificate to prove he was born a male and the correct spelling of his name? They had it right once and I dont know how it got changed b/c he never requested it to be changed to what it is now. So who authorized that? They are freaking morons.

And is there a formal sample letter to send?


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The more information request is normal, no matter how or what you complain about, they are just buying time...

Keep an eye out, I'm pretty sure they will correct it...they just want extra time.

All I ever sent in was a copy of my CR, highlighted the areas of correction needed, I included in my letter, highlighted areas are incorrect, please delete...and they did.

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