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Anyone have a contact at CSC that can get things done?

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I ask because they are driving me NUTS.

TU gives me a unasked for FA. I call TU and raise a little heck, and they remove by phone.

I send CSC and EX a CMRRR letter asking them to remove. Both get the letter 11/07/07. EX FA is gone 11/08/07.. Today, 12/01/07 the FA remains on EQ/CSC I have called them several times asking them to remove it. They even say yup, we got your letter 11/07/07 we have 30 days to remove it.

Seems to me it only takes a few seconds to click a few things on a computer..

I have a really high Fico for EQ right now and I want to put it to good use before my new accounts hit and pull it down. I know. 6 more days, but uhh chirstmas is coming and the new chirstmas gift seems to be instore aprovals.

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No, I will be at their door demanding action 12/08/07... I have been nice so far bacause the law on removing FA's is rather loose. But they say 30 days, thats all I will give them before raising heck.

I do have a IL (non-csc) address on my report that I have been using for disputes to get them to go through EQ. Maybe I should call in to EQ and use that address....

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