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Why wont Equifax / CSC remove paid in full accounts

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My question is almost all of the bads were old medical bills, which I have paid off in the last 6 months, Experian and Transunion removed everything.

Why wont Equifax / CSC remove paid in full accounts (medical) when Experian and Tansunion did on there own.

( I didnt even have to call just disputed them after the account was paid off)

2nd part of question is this:

However Equifax is being stubborn and will not budge, before I paid the bills off I could see who I owed the money to and how much.

Now all it shows is a paid collection AND THATS IT, no information visible, I called talked to a real person, were not helpful at all, got a C.A. telephone number though

The number they gave me as the creditor is no good, tried Internet, yellow pages and telephone information, still no good, how do I get them to remove entries that are paid off ?

I did however dispute ALL of the accounts with them, hopefully the collection agency (IF they can get ahold of them) will not bother verifying a debt that is already paid off, or if they cannot reach them either they will have to take them off.............ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED

P.S. Sorry about the long post.

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