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Business line of credit?

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Is your business incorporated? If not, its really personal credit.

Your bank would be the place to start, but, beware the "personal gurantee". Even if you're incorporated, if your business is just getting started, chances are anyone who lends you that amount of money is going to want your personal credit on the line. If your business goes under and can't pay...you will.

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AMEX, Crap 1, USBank, Chase...all have "business line of credit" accounts, that require little more than your personal gurantee. They'll check your personal credit, and give you a LofC based on that.

BEWARE. Remember, you're betting your house, car, everything you own on your business being able to pay them back

(We did this. We lost. Wound up doing a personal BK 7 to protect ourselves from the "business" credit, and since the business folded and we lost our income, we lost everything else).

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