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Woodstove Danger With Little Ones

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Well, DD (who's 2-1/2) burned her hand on the woodstove last week. We thought the lesson had set in and she'd heard "NO!" enough times whenever she headed for the stove. She slipped in on Thursday.

Trip to the urgent care clinic, then follow up visits over the weekend. SWMBO seems to now have gauzing and taping the hand down to a science.

We picked up one of those Child Safety screens at a stove store yesterday. They run about a $100.

Not a perfect match for an insert. Seems a far better fit for a free standing stove. Gonna figure out something to "lock" the rear of the screen to the wall to keep DD from prying it away and getting burned again. Lesson still hasn't sunk in that hot things hurt.

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The poor thing! :(

Yup! Those little curious ones are fast!

Just last night our almost 10 month old was crawling around and DH was cooking in the kitchen, I have him trained well! :D I was in the living room and got up to turn up volume, remote was nowhere to be seen, of course. I realized little one was gone. :shock: I ran to kitchen and found her about to grab on to oven door which DH had just removed pan from so it was open. In a split second she would have burned her tiny hand from touching the bottom inside of that door. :shock: Of course she passed tons of things along her way that did not happen to interest her. I believe her "whatever is the most dangerous" radar was on and she went full speed ahead. She knew where she was going all right. DH and I were likexThudx She went into her crib and I don't think I let her out the rest of the night.

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:shock: Ouch!

My buddy had a wood stove at deer camp. After a brief (but exciting) fire involving a snowmobile suit, he installed wrought iron railing (the no-frill ones for porches) around it.

Because it was only a few feet high, you could still step over it to stoke the fire or adjust the damper...

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