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What is a ok Fico score t0 get decent interest rate for Auto loan?

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I have been in the process of cleaning up my credit and need to buy a vehicle soon. Should I wait a while longer till my scores are better or is 615 a decent Fico score for a decent interest rate?

You have three FICO scores, one from each bureau. Are you aware of what all three scores are? Lenders pull from different bureaus, so the answer may be different depending on what lender you are thinking of going with...

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I was at 679 and all I was able to pull was 12% on a used 06.

I got dad interested in heading down to the navy federal credit union. They have crazy low rates for auto loans. Catch is, you gotta be navy, or related to navy that is a account holder to get in.

I finely hooked dad when he saw their mortgage rates :D

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