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I need will power!

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I am not going to check my scores until December 31, 2007! I might get updated reports (the free pulls), but as for my scores, I will wait and go to myfico.com on the last day of the year and get all three.

but....like many of you, I am addicted. I may need group support =).

All of my revolving credit will be paid down to 7% by then, actually, each one will be paid down to that by the time they update to the CRAs respectively this month.

1st Premier will be paid down on Friday, 3 days before it's due date and it will update probably around Mon or Tues of next week.

Crown has already updated this month with it's -0- balance.

Target will not be due until the 17th, but will be paid down before it updates.

That is all of the tradelines with balances, other than collections or charge offs.

I disputed the collections and charge offs with all three CRAs on 11/21/07, so even those will be completed by the 31st, and hopefully there will be at least a few deletes from those.

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Not to feed your adiction or anything.. But how bout EQ score watch? 9 bucks a month, updates a true fico for any change in your EQ report :)


I cancelled it yesterday! (it was only $7.95 for some reason). It really isn't about the money, I just feel like the scores are jumping up and down right now because of the disputes and the cc pay offs here and there over the next couple of weeks that I should just wait for the dust to settle at the end of the month for my own sanity! =) I know that it will probably go down again before the pay offs hit and hopefully it will go back up again. Sort of feel like I might as well wait until anything that can effect the scores this month, has been done.

Then, Jan 1st, I begin a new spread sheet and attack plan on what is left after the dust settles.

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