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Need Help With a Judgement

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I got a letter the other day from an attorney notifying me that they are garnishing my wages. Upon investigating this, there was a judgment against me from 04' on a credit card debt. The OC was CitiBank. The collection agency was Silver Fox Financial and then they used an attorney out of Atlanta named Bridgers and Peters to get the Judgement. If I would have been aware of the judgment and the law at that time I believe I could have had the debt dismissed as the statute of limitations I believe is and was at the time expired. I believe the account went delinquent in the mid 90's and I believe it to be 6 years SOL in Georgia where I live.

Anyway, I went to the court and got a copy of the judgment and the paper where they say shows I was served. On this paper at the bottom it is signed by a police officer and on the line where I guess I would have had to sign saying I was served, my name is printed in and it is obviously done by the same officer that signed at the bottom. She even spelled my name wrong when she printed it in. Nowhere on the document is there any other indication that I was served.

I can prove that 2 days before they say I was served that I was in Kansas. A long way from Georgia. I just can't prove where I was on that day, but I know I wasn't in Georgia. How can they prove I was served. Does Georgia law say that I would have had to signed that paper when I was served?

I would like to file to have the judgment reopened and then try to have it thrown out as being older than the statute of limitations. I would like to have a attorney's help. I went to see one who apparently doesn't know much about this kind of case and after dragging his heels for weeks told me today that another attorney he consulted with told him in Georgia a signed contract such as this credit card has a SOL of 20 years. I don't think that is true. I need to find an attorney in Georgia that is good with this and could help me.

I'm new here so if I've made some posting Faux Pas...I'm sorry.

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