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Whew! What a long thread.

I have a couple of questions about the Crown card.

1. How do you get it - and how long does it take to get the card.

2. In reading this thread, I saw a post that said something about you put a downpayment on the item you order - and you can't put that on your CJ card - you use another CC?

I don't have another CC - that is why I need CJ. Can I use my debit card to pay this?

I am desperate to get a TL reporting ASAP - as my lack of credit is preventing the bank from getting a FICO score on my so I can get a mortgage.


It takes about 1-2 months to recieve the actual card, as for the tradeline, it reported within 2-3 weeks for me, and 1 week for my dh.

2.) yes u can use ur debit card for the downpayment and shipping. then the balance is put on your CJ card to open the tradline.

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