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CA cannot report collection account as installment account. Correct?


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I thought I'd post this in a separate thread, considering that many people have been talking about it in a different thread...

From what I understand, a CA cannot list a collection account on your credit report as an installment account. This is a violation of the FCRA. However, I'm attempting to pull up specifics that prevent them from doing this and having a hard time during my research...

I'm assuming that this is a misrepresentation of the character of the debt, which would be a violation of Section 807 of the FDCPA.

I'm also assuming that by them reporting the account as an installment account with a payment history when the account is really a collection account, it would constitute as reporting inaccurate information to the CRA's, which is a violation of Section 623 of the FCRA.

Are the above two statements correct? If so, are there any other specifics located in any other text, such as case law?



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So payment arrangements with CAs can't be listed as installment, just as amounts?

In my situation, I do not have any payment arrangements with the CA's who are listing the accounts as installment accounts. The CA's cannot provide any documentation that the account is in fact an installment account, i.e. a signed contract indicating such, therefore they are reporting inaccurate account information (FCRA violation) and misrepresenting the character of the account (FDCPA violation).

I'm going to attempt to use this as leverage for deletions. We shall see...

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