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Major Progress On Credit Repair...... 1 To Go


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Here it is just got a reply back from EXPERIAN it has been 45-50 days since turning all attention to this debt and sending them the VOD letter, waited only sent the other letter about two weeks ago, got this in the mail today:

Credit Items


Account Number: D1265.... Outcome: Deleted

never got a more beutiful email in my life........................THIS SIGHT IS THE BOMB, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP

:D Experian 734 ( will update on the 10th ) 0 bad entries

:D Transunion 780 0 bad entries

:evil: Equifax 666 ( waiting on results of disputes ) only four medical bills left and they are marked as paid ( and that score REALLY needs to change

P.S. when I said Equifax was the Devil, I guess I was right

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Your progress leave me to wonder.. Some people (like me) had Great results with CSC/EQ where as I can't get anything on EX to budge an inch. Even with letters from the OC stating the account is not being reported correctly.

Why it is a CRA is super nice to me, and hates you?

my EQ fico was 666 for a while to. Kinda scary ;)

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