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Old Credit Card on my CR


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I disputed this Providian card off my report a long time ago and now it has finally showed up with Midland collections. It has to be very old out of the SOL I believe or at least 5-6 years old.

My question is the CA is reporting the account as opened 9/27/2007 but I am sure I opened this account in 1999. What can I do as they never sent me a letter (saying I have 30 days to respond etc). It just showed up on my report.

I am sending a dv letter and disputing with transunion, anything special that should be in the letter?

Creditor Name: MIDLAND CRED

Account No.: 85249*****

Original Creditor: PROVIDIAN

Responsibility: Individual

Condition: Derogatory

Original Balance: $3077

Balance: $5155

Date Opened: 09/27/2007

Date Reported: 11/15/2007

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