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Medical Collection & Chase Acct Gone


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I recvd my EQ and my EX CR directly from each of theses 2 CRA's.

To my surprise a medical collection from 2004 was just deleted. I'm still in total shock. I sent them a PFD letter and they returned a letter stating that if I paid them the matter would be considered "settled in full". No mention of removing the listing from my CRA. I actually sent them a 2nd follow up pfd letter and they never responded.

I recently recvd my CR and the collection is no longer showing on either report. I'm going to place a TU dispute online so that I can get that 3rd report for free. I'm wondering if they sold it to another CA.Hopefully it won't come back to haunt me.


On the same reports I also noticed that a Chase acct was deleted. I paid the item to Chase directly before I came to this site. Item was paid earlier this year. I disputed several times and it came back as verified. This time I disputed the acct (only with EQ-online) as incorrect high balance. I guess Chase could not verify the balance so it had to be removed. This acct was originally opened with GE card Services in 1993 and then,Im not sure in which order, but GE was taken over by Bank One and then Bank One was taken over by Chase. I guess they could not provide the records so they deleted.

And to think I was ready to give up on having these items removed.


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Hello all,

These jerks just added the CHase acct back to my file. Im going to give them a call.

I wonder if it's because I pulled new reports using old report numbers.

I ordered my TU and EQ reports. I hope they do not followalong


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I disputed via regular mail and it came back as verified.That was back in October. I used the report number from an old Experian report (october 25, 2007) as a means of getting a free report.(12/8/07) So I pulled the EX online report and this Chase acct was not there.

I used another old report (Oct 10,2007) to pull another free report on 12/10/07 and there it was again. I dont have proof of reinsertion because I never printed thefirst report.

Oh well.:twisted::twisted:

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