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What credit card can I get with this score....

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That's what happened to my EQ score when Rewards 660 started reporting. As you can see in my Sig, it dropped a substantial amount because 660 started reporting my high utilization. It's a $300 card, but I've been using up to $250 (always PIFing though). When I digged deeper, they do report what my payments are, so I'm hoping after one full month my score will get back up. Thanks to this card though, I can take much of the weight off. I won't know who HSBC pulled from me though until after noon today. If it was Transunion, that will be great cause it has all three of my current good accounts. After a couple of months, I'll see if I can get me some Hooters or the Carnival. I want to see if between some deletions and positive reporting I can break into 600 land across the board on my Fak(e)os.

Thanks man! I am actually still in shock. I'll be waiting two weeks to get it, but the fact that I have it! Is great feeling.

I just wanted to say congratulations!:BigDance:

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