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Help Me Please Improve My Credit Score


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Hello I am new here. My current credit score is 591 and I want to improve it.

I want to use my income tax to pay off some debt. However, because the debt is so old I am not sure if I should pay off the debts or keep them active.

Here is close up at my credit report. Please inform me which debt I should settle on first. I am hoping for a 700 in the next 8 months.

Here is my credit report:


1. I owe 45K in student loan. I just graduated and I am paying ($280 a month) this monthly with no problems. This is in postive status.

2. I owe 13k for a car loan. I only pay $395/month and I have paid this on time for the past 17 months. This is in positve status. I am considering paying this off in cash by Aug 2008.

3. I have one secure credit card with a credit limit of $500 and a balance of $220. I have $277 avaiable on this credit card. This is in positve status

4. I have another credit card that is in good standing and is paid off from like 4 years ago.


Now the negative stuff. Strickly Hospital bills from being poor in college. I want to use my income tax to settle with the CA for some of it. However, some of the accounts are old (2002, 2005, etc.) , so should I pay them? I never paid any money towards the debts below so no activity is shown on credit report.

1. Date Opened 10/2006: $5,083 past due as of Aug 2007

2. Date Opened 06/2002 : $202 past due as of Dec 2007.

3. Date Opened 12/2006 : $1,500 past due as of Feb 2007.

4. Date Opened 09/2002 : $50 past due as of Oct 2007.

5. Date Opened 04/2005 :$1,016 past due as of Nov 2006.

6. Date Opened 11/2005 : $1,005 past due as of May 2006.

I really appreciated all the help. It really is a learning experience, but atleast I am trying to fix this issue. Thank You

Thank you all

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First of all, Welcome to CIC. :)++

There are stickys meant especially for Newbies so that we old timers don't have to answer the same question over and over again. ;) So you need to read those. Most everyone will tell you to read, then read, then read some more. We are here to help you help yourself.

Your positives are good. I love (sarcastically) how car payments in the mid $300s are considered low these days! Ugh! My first car payment was $150/mo with $54/mo comprehensive/collision insurance!

You want to be in the 700s in the next 8 months? Why? What is so important that you have to do this in 8 months?

Reality is that with large collections as recent as the ones you have, you are unlikey to reach that goal.

A paid collection is as bad as an unpaid one. Hospitals and doctors are the one's I have had the most success with in getting them to pull an account back from a collection agency and paying them directly. You need to have that cash in hand when you make the offer with the hospital/doctor. For hospitals, the lowly CSR in patient accounts usually does not have the authority so I have emailed or written the Patient Accounts manager...cc'ing the Hospital Administrator....(gets attention real fast!).

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Hey, I was new too. You will find that visiting this site frequently and reading will gain you valuable knowledge. Please start with the stickies and apply at least some (or all) of them to your particular situation. If you do, you will get results. When you get something specific to your situation (the whole "help me improve my score" is too general), post it and you will find that you will get answers quick and folks won't seem to mind answering. But start with the stickies off of here and you will be ok. Also, learn the acronyms (e.g. DV, CR, etc) or you will be quite lost.

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