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verification vs validation?


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I sent a validation letter (the one from this site) to JDB attorney's office, I received a letter back from them stating the following:

This firm received your request to provide you with verification of the

above-referenced debt. We conveyed your request to our client and upon

receipt of the verification documents the same shall be forwarded to your

attention. Often information you requested is in storage and on microfilm or

microfiche. It may take some time before the information you requested is

located and forwarded to your attention. It is my understanding that there

is no deadline for the production of these documents.

My questions are; is their letter says verification, I asked for validation, is there a difference? Do they have any amount of time to get the info to me and they use the word "client" and from reading about these types of JBD's the credit card companies are not their clients, they bought it from them for a little bit of nothing and the credit card company charged it off. Please advise.

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Semantic difference is really no big deal in this instance. Just know that they can't continue collection activity until they have provided you with something.

Now is a good time to dispute this account with the CRA - If they (the CA) can't find any information for you, they can't find any for the CRA. (As long as everyone plays by the rules.)

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