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Got copies of old statements, does that mean I owe...

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I sent 2 letters asking a collection company to validate the debt they said I owed. The first saying I did not owe that amount and that they needed to validate it (using the great resources on this site, thank you!), and the next because they did not send anything back, just said that I did owe, so I told them they were in violation of... Now, they sent back some statement copies, which is good, and they go from Dec 10, 2004 when I assume I stopped paying, up to March of 2005. This shows I owe $1357, but on the collector's letter they are saying I owe over $2000. So this proves I only owe $1357, right? And if so, what's next in the paper flow to get acknowledgement from them that that is all I owe and start the next process, which would be either buying time for me, or starting a settlement letter process?


What's Next?

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Hi' date=' is anyone there? I've got to make a move here. Wondering what you guys all think...

What's Next[/quote']

Patience, my dear friend. Patience! :)

Well, it appears as though you have two options:

1. Send a letter to the CA requesting how they calculated the most recent balance on the account, including what interest rate they have been charging you and what fees have been associated with this account.

2. If you have the funds to offer a PFD, prepare your PFD.

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