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EQ and CSC - One hand not talking to the other!

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So I go to EQ's online dispute page and put in my Zip Code like I normally do, and I get:

"We apologize that we are unable to process your dispute request. The following zip code is managed by CSC CREDIT SERVICES. To complete your dispute, you may click on the CSC Credit Services link below."

I'm thinking...Oooook. I've never had this. And I'm also thinking... NOOOOOOOO :shock:

I find the link of which states use CSC via the search on here, and it gives me the same option of putting in my Zip Code. So I type it in, again, and I get:

"The zip code you entered is managed by Equifax. Please click on the Equifax link below to complete your request. Thank you" and a link to EQ.

I'm CONFUSED!!!! :cool::lol:

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I thought all of TX was handled by CSC. I've got 3 recent inquiries from July, August and October from when we were trying to shop for a mortgage. How would I dispute these? They are legitimate.

Sorry for the confusion, yes TX is a CSC state. But there appears to be a "glitch" in the EQ/CSC system. It would depend how brave you feel about doing this.


Read that link, yes it's long. Pay attention to my my posts in this link.

Basically, you go to the EQ webpage. Put in a Zip code that is not serviced by CSC. Then, it will let you continue on with disputing information, as if you were a EQ customer, not CSC. When you get to the dispute page where it asks to fill out your address...DO NOT PUT YOUR ADDRESS. I put the address of one of my creditors who is already listed on my report. This creditor's address is serviced by EQ and not CSC. It happens to be a physical address, not a PO Box. Then dispute the fields put something like "INQ - 12/11/07 - CAPTIAL ONE" and hit dispute, you can submitt six at a time I think. I have NO inquiries on my EQ/CSC report.

Sometimes, when I submitted six at a time, they only removed five of them. I just went back and added the one they didn't delete again and they deleted it. The only problem I've found, is that you will not get an updated credit report this way. You will have to pull your 3in1 to find out if the inquiries got deleted.

I guess the person at EQ doing the disputes, thinks their computer system has a glitch and instead of getting their tech dept on it, they just delete the inquiry, even though you are really CSC serviced.

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Not that I would do this (well.. then how would I know??) do you have a relitive or friend in a non-csc state?? rummor has it, if you use their address. inq's go poof! :)

Someone else suggested doing a 1-2 punch type dispute with EQ/CSC.. you disute the same account through BOTH CRA's apartently one of the two will delete it. I just tried that one out tonight.

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